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A Front Porch View of Canning Lake: A Study of Historical Settlement Patterns
Traces the property history using abstract property indexes located in the Land Registry Office, Minden, and analyzes the development of the property and the area.

A handbook outlining reasons for legislation, classification of ecologically sensitive lands, application of legislation, restrictions and enforcement, economics of land management.See TP-598 for research, surveys, and anaylsis.

The main premise of this research paper deals with the history of the property from when it was first purchased to what it is used for currently. Windy Pine is a beautiful 24-acre property located on Kushog Lake just north of Minden in the County of…

Accessibility background research and informal interviews with key-informants from Haliburton County's Business Community.

A qualitative research project commissioned by the Haliburton Aging-Well Committee.

This project reviewed alternatives to septic systems that are applicable in Haliburton County. The project was done in the form of a website.

The Atlas groups the park properties of Minden Hills Township. It provides maps of the parks, their locations, facilities, and attractions. Ultimately the Township wants to improve the existing trail systems, as well as create new trail segments to…

An audit of all operations for Point in Time with regard to the four areas the Childrens Mental Health Organization identify as required for accreditation. These include program, staffing, governance and management.

Examines the Aggregate Resources Act as it applies to Haliburton County; focuses on legislation and the role municipalities have in the aggregate resource permit and licensing processes.

Discusses reasons for endangered species legislation, classification of ecologically sensitive lands, application of legislation, restrictions and enforcement, and economic benefits to protecting natural heritage.Purpose is to create a concise…

Paper provides background information to aid in decision-making about the incorporation of art on local trails systems, and to help initiate a partnership between Haliburton Highlands Trails and Tours Network and the Arts Community.

Purpose is to identify ways to strengthen the process of amalgamation of the administration of the Ontario Early Year Centres in the Haliburton area.

The research will be used to develop a model for best practices for trail development and management that will assist the organization in developing successful partnerships in the community.

This evaluation examined the effectiveness of the program, the benefits it offers to participants, and the role of the program within the complementary, integrated care approach to healing and recovery.

Examines the development of a wetlands boardwalk linking the River Walk Trail to Minden walking trail system. Discusses economic, ecological and social value of wetlands, construction options, and educational oportunities.

Thesis looks at the options available for sustainable housing building and renovation projects in Haliburton County, Ontario and residents' perceptions of sustainable housing. The project is based around answering three research questions in…

Explores a variety of green options for housing renovation and construction projects in Haliburton County, using environmentally friendly materials from local sources and alternative sources of energy. This reduces stress on the environment, energy…

This report investgates the history of several lots on Canning Lake and provides some analysis on the implications of the changes, in terms of land use, over time.

The Children's Water Festival currently has approximately 35 activity centres that children can visit while participating in the festival. The purpose of this project was to review and redesign the activity centres used for the Haliburton-Muskoka…

This project began with a growing concern about the life of landfills within Algonquin Highlands Township and the amount and type of recycling that was going on by local businesses.Information was obtained through the use of a survey conducted with…

Develop key environmental messages that correspond with specified local, provincial and national events. Create a communication plan to deliver messages by way of a variety of media to effectively target the intended audience.

The purpose of this project was to develop resources to transfer information about the relationship between phosphorus and water clarity to elementary grades 2 to 5. Students conducted background research and designed an activity page for festivals.

Building on previous research (TP-557), this project identifies a method for further consultation with the lake community. The report focuses on community engagement, methods of communication, and dissemination of reports.

Recommendations for increasing community awareness of Community Care Haliburton County services.
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