An Evaluation Report for Point in Time


An Evaluation Report for Point in Time


Lapointe, Katherine; Peters, Monica

Host Organization

Point in Time
Host contact: Cox, Marg

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Beyers, Chris
Department: International Development Studies

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U-Links Office and online


Haliburton County


Evaluation of accreditation requirements for Point in Time
Program Evaluation 
Child & Youth Studies
Mental Health


An audit of all operations for Point in Time with regard to the four areas the Childrens Mental Health Organization identify as required for accreditation. These include program, staffing, governance and management.


Point in Time (PINT), a centre for children, youth and parents in Haliburton County, is embarking upon a journey to become accredited by Children's Mental Health Ontario (CMHO). The focus of this research is to develop recommendations for PINT on how to create an evaluation framework.

The report begins includes a brief look at background information on PINT and on the accreditation process. How the CMHO accreditation process operates, and the advantages PINT will gain by becoming accredited are also discussed. These include standards relating to program evaluation, treatment, termination, prevention, formal research, quality assurance, accountability and clinical records.

This study aims to introduce suggestions for an evaluation framework that would aid PINT not only in becoming accredited, but that would also benefit the staff at PINT by providing them with information that they could use to better their services. Recommendations based on literature reviews, case studies, and staff interactions include: to write policy relating to evaluation for every program/area; to have one staff member in charge of quality assurance; mandatory audits of clinical records files; that future planning should include client feedback such as client satisfaction questionnaires; recording client satisfaction results in a database to be used for quality assurance data; using focus groups to gather feedback; and that PINT should begin the process of setting their standards and goals, and developing indicators to measure these goals.


Trent University



Lapointe, Katherine; Peters, Monica, An Evaluation Report for Point in Time, Trent University, 2008