Art and Economic Viability in Haliburton County


Art and Economic Viability in Haliburton County


Gnys, Natalie

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Arts Committee of the Haliburton County Development Corporation
Host contact: Bolin, Barb

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Wadland, John; Whillans, Tom
Departments: Canadian Studies and Environmental and Resource Science/Studies

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Haliburton County


Value of the arts to the county


This paper briefly examines the Haliburton arts community and its history. A phone survey was used to determine the economic viability of the arts in Haliburton County. 40 artists were surveyed and asked 19 questions to document their perceptions regarding the arts community and their place in it. Recommendations were then made aimed at strengthening the arts sector.

Although Paris is known for its very influential and attractive art scene, it is not the only art Mecca able to attract artists from all over. Haliburton today is home to a thriving arts community working in a wide range of media. These include drawing and painting, sculpture, stone carving, pottery, blacksmithing, quilting, weaving, rug making, metal work, jewelry, woodworking, leatherwork, print-making, stained glass, basket making, multi-media, commercial art, pen and ink, and photography just to name a handful.

There is indeed a need to strengthen the arts community to make it an even better and more viable economic contributor. In Haliburton, the overall potential for artists to find a "niche" so to speak is very encouraging as the respondents of the surveys indicate.


Trent University



Gnys, Natalie, Art and Economic Viability in Haliburton County, Trent University, 2002