Haliburton County: A Community Self-Assessment


Haliburton County: A Community Self-Assessment


Roth, Richard

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Wadland, John; Whillans, Tom
Departments: Canadian Studies and Environmental Studies

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Haliburton County


Community perspectives on Haliburton County


Note: This paper accompanies the video tape titled "Haliburton County: an Assessment by the Community."

Hoping to capture a sense of the human component of Haliburton in order to better facilitate future communication between the students of Trent University and the Haliburton community, the author set out to videotape interviews with selected permanent residents.

A series of questions were presented centering on three main subject areas: 1) perceptions of the strengths of their community 2) changes which have been perceived over time and 3) hopes and aspirations for the future of Haliburton County.

With the assistance of students from Haliburton Highlands Secondary School, interviews with 19 people were conducted and videotaped. The sampling was based on people whose families had been in the County for two or more generations, were from various parts of the County, represented a variety of age groups, and were representative of less visible members of the community.  The paper includes a critique of the project and suggestions for future work in this area as well as an index to the raw video footage.


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Roth, Richard, Haliburton County: A Community Self-Assessment, Trent University, 1992