Haliburton Dedicated Angler Program


Haliburton Dedicated Angler Program


Clow, Adam

Host Organization

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Host contact: Flowers, Dave; Tuyten, Nicole

Supervising Faculty

Nicol, Heather; Skinner, Mark
Department: Geography

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U-Links Office and online


Haliburton County


Dedicated angler program development


Examines the forms that dedicated angler programs have taken across North America and provides recommendations how such a program should be established in Haliburton County.A dedicated angler program allows anglers and the general community to assist in fisheries management. It involves stewardship, the notion that present generations and resource users are responsible for the sustainability of the Earth and its resources for future generations.


The intention of this report was to investigate the nature of dedicated angler programs across North America. A dedicated angler program is considered any program that facilitates angler or community involvement in the management of the fisheries resource. Programs were analyzed from across Canada and the northern United States in an effort to understand how a dedicated angler program could be introduced to Haliburton County. Programs involving stocking, habitat restoration, education, reporting, creel studies, and angler diaries were reviewed. Trends that may be indicative of success throughout these programs were analyzed and compiled. A select number of programs were then introduced to an invited audience at the Haliburton Highlands Outdoors Association fish hatchery in Haliburton County. The invited audience included HHOA members, employees with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, members of the local stewardship council, and lake association members. Programs that had potential for Haliburton County were presented, along with findings detailing the nature of communitygovernment manager partnerships and creation and funding of a natural resource comanagement program. At this time a survey was provided to gain feedback from the invited audience, and a discussion period was opened. This report analyzes the information gained from both the background research into dedicated angler programs across North America and from the hatchery information session. Recommendations are made regarding how Haliburton County should proceed with such a program.


Trent University



Clow, Adam, Haliburton Dedicated Angler Program, Trent University, 2008-2009