Housing in Haliburton for Women 45-64


Housing in Haliburton for Women 45-64


Cameron, Carolyn; Chatten, Ashlee

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Point in Time Housing Committee
Host contact: Martin, Fay

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Hobbs, Margaret
Department: Gender and Women's Studies

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U-Links Office and online


Haliburton County


Housing for women age 45-64


This paper considers the housing situation for women between 45-64 from a broad perspective. It includes some analysis specific to Haliburton.


This essay argues that Canadian social policy has historically affected women’s lives in a detrimental manner and continues to affect women’s access to affordable housing. Specifically, the roles of age, socioeconomic status, and geographical location in dictating women’s interactions with government housing policies are discussed. The evolution of the welfare state was critical to the development and shaping of housing policies, and in initiating both positive and negative change in women’s lives. These ideas are discussed in conjunction with a case study of Haliburton County, Ontario, and connected to overarching themes and policies that affect Ontario women as a whole. This case study of Haliburton provides an in depth examination of a specific group of women’s experiences and issues with housing. This section of the essay focuses on single women, ages 45-64 living in the rural context of Haliburton County in order to demonstrate a specific group that is most in need of consideration in housing policy changes. Also mentioned are some housing movements in Ontario and Haliburton that are attempting to bring attention to women’s housing shortages.


Trent University



Cameron, Carolyn; Chatten, Ashlee, Housing in Haliburton for Women 45-64, Trent University, 2007