Mapping and Inventory of Cultural Sites in Highlands East


Mapping and Inventory of Cultural Sites in Highlands East


Ouelett, Sarah

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Municipality of Highlands East
Host contact: Graham, Donna

Supervising Faculty

Longboat, Dan
Department: Indigenous Environmental Science/Studies

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U-Links Office and online


Highlands East


Inventory and mapping of cultural sites


This project contains an inventory of cultural sites in Highlands East. Brief descriptions of each are included. A link to a map of all the sites is in the report.


The purpose of this project is to create a comprehensive inventory of cultural sites in Highlands East and map that information to make it more accessible to the public. The intention is also to provide an easy reference for staff and visitors to learn about the history of the municipality and to bring archival research to life in the form of a map. This material will be used as a basis for developing the cultural assets in the municipality for the development of tourism and economic growth. The project researches the Highlands East area and provides detailed information collected via archival research of tangible cultural sites and resources. The community will decide which sites it wishes to expand on in the second stage, again to strengthen the development of tourism and economic growth in Highlands East. This project is the first stage of a cultural mapping and inventory plan of the Municipality of Highlands East that will develop on the strengths of the community based upon cultural sites and local history. This project identified cultural sites in the municipality and includes a literature review about tourism development in rural areas. The inventory of sites includes brief historical information about the site coupled with cartographic information from Google Maps. Also included in the conclusions are recommendations for future development of the Highlands East cultural mapping projects and its outliers. Generations of families have lived in Highlands East. Older inhabitants of Highlands East carry stories that bring richness to the community. By combining cultural interests, adventure tourism interests, and eco-tourism development together, Highlands East can create a stronger community by reaching its full potential in tourism and economic growth. This second stage in the project is a move towards this goal.


Trent University



Ouelett, Sarah, Mapping and Inventory of Cultural Sites in Highlands East, Trent University, 2010