Mary Northway and Camping


Mary Northway and Camping


Ostler, Maggie

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Wadland, John; Whillans, Tom
Departments: Canadian Studies and Environmental Studies

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Haliburton County, Algonquin Park


Life of Mary Northway through the lens of camping


The life of Mary Northway and her association with camps and camping is the focus of this paper as it outlines her early years and family experiences in Algonquin Park, Glen Bernard Camp and Camp Wapomeo.

In 1941, Mary Northway and Flora Morrison purchased Windy Pine, a property with 1700 feet of shoreline on Kushog Lake in Haliburton County where the two women lived and entertained, surrounded by the natural world they loved. From here they ran a girls' canoe tripping camp and it was at Windy Pine that may people associated with Trent University became friends and attended as visitors, often assisting with maintenance work. In 1982, after Flora's death, Mary donated Windy Pine to the University along with an endowment fund for its maintenance. It is still being used for meetings and retreats for students, staff, and faculty. Further details of Mary's involvement with camping and the study of children conclude the paper.


Trent University



Ostler, Maggie, Mary Northway and Camping, Trent University, 1999