Methods for Studying the Economic Impact of Trails in Haliburton


Methods for Studying the Economic Impact of Trails in Haliburton


Nguyen, Nhien

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Haliburton Highlands Trails and Tours Network
Host contact: Hoover, Karen

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Marsh, John
Department: Geography

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U-Links Office and online


Haliburton County


Studying the economic impacts of trails


The purpose of this project was to research methods of tracking the economic impact of trails and provide recommendations.


This research report was conducted due to the increased demand for economic impact studies in order to further promote the development of trails.  To do this, there is an increasing need to attach an economic value to recreational activities such as hiking, giving the activity an economic benefit resulting from the development of trails. There is a need to know about trail users and their expenditures in order to justify spending, and to further promote trails. This will assist in demonstrating the beneficial value of trails and the contribution to community economic development. This will be done by consulting existing economic impact studies and investigating other trail organizations to determine best methods for tracking and reporting on the economic impact of trail users. The study objectives are to provide a system on gathering information on the number of trail users, to determine trail user profile and the average money spent by trail users, and to determine the multiplier effect by estimating the economic benefits due to the existence and use of the trail users.


Trent University



Nguyen, Nhien, Methods for Studying the Economic Impact of Trails in Haliburton, Trent University, 2007