Protecting the Dark Skies: Night Lighting for Kennisis Lake


Protecting the Dark Skies: Night Lighting for Kennisis Lake


Murray, Chris; Robus, Jennifer

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Kennisis Lake Planning Committee
Host contact: Potter, Paul

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Sager, Eric
Department: Environmental and Resource Science/Studies

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U-Links Office and online


Kennisis Lake


Effects of light pollution


Light pollution is a growing concern for rural areas, and the preservation of the night sky has become a popular issue among ecologists and enthusiasts alike. The full impact of light pollution on human and ecological health has yet to be uncovered, however initial findings are distressing at the very least. The issue is gaining momentum in the political arena, mostly due to pressures and lobbying from concerned environmental groups and organizations. While the reduction of light pollution in urban areas is of primary focus in the literature to date, special attention must be paid to rural areas where the natural world is in much closer proximity to light sources, and are therefore more susceptible to its effects. This report seeks to define light pollution and the effects it has on the natural environment, and suggest ways to minimize or eliminate these effects. Recommendations for Kennisis Lake include suggestions for voluntary action and bi-law changes.


Trent University



Murray, Chris; Robus, Jennifer, Protecting the Dark Skies: Night Lighting for Kennisis Lake, Trent University, 2007