Snowdon Park: Getting to Know Your Bioregion


Snowdon Park: Getting to Know Your Bioregion


Stoddart, Sandra

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Wadland, John; Whillans, Tom
Departments: Canadian Studies and Environmental Studies

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Snowdon Park


History and development of Snowdon Park


The goal of this project was to record the history of Snowdon Park up to the present, and analyze and apply this knowledge to current and future plans regarding development within and around the park. Information was gained through first-hand recollections of some community members who had grown up in the area. The cultural history of the park land beginning with native peoples and moving along through settlement times is outlined ending with the deeding of the land to Snowdon Township in the mid '70s. Attempts to develop the area as park land and the difficulties encountered are highlighted, efforts which culminated in the work of the Haliburton Field Naturalists to promote and maintain the area as a valuable wetland resource.

The natural history of the park area with its varied animal and plant life is presented in the context of a discussion of the importance of wetland conservation both generally and in Snowdon Park. Possibilities for future development of this valuable resource conclude the paper.


Trent University



Stoddart, Sandra, Snowdon Park: Getting to Know Your Bioregion, Trent University, 1994