Haliburton Forest Parking Lot Revitalization Follow-up


Haliburton Forest Parking Lot Revitalization Follow-up


Liam Doyle & Madison Fulmer

Host Organization

Haliburton Forest, Malcom Cecil-Cockwell

Supervising Faculty

Tom Whillans, Trent School of the Environment

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Environmental Science / Studies
Environmental Planning
Ecological Design
Sustainable Development


This six-part follow-up project is an assessment of Haliburton Forest’s main parking area and includes recommendations to revitalize the space. Part 1 details the history and current state of the forest, establishes a vision for the project, includes a site inventory, and examines site potential and potential challenges. Part 2 contains a detailed literature review of ‘green’ parking lot design and maintenance options including de-icers and dust suppressants options, invasive species management, rainwater capture technology, and innovative pavement options. In Part 3, various potential design options are presented and discussed.

The final site design is presented in Part 4 and followed by Part 5 which summarizes the material and immaterial costs of the design. This section also discusses the benefits associated with the design. The final section, Part 6, provides environmental, social, and economic frameworks and discussions that justify the designs implementation. The final plan includes details for the inclusion of a pavilion, playgrounds, planters, a submarine display, a bird garden, signage, and pervious asphalt (which offers improved drainage over regular paving).



Liam Doyle & Madison Fulmer, Haliburton Forest Parking Lot Revitalization Follow-up, 2020