Haliburton Lake Benthic Assessment


Haliburton Lake Benthic Assessment


Andrew Bunn

Host Organization

Trent University, the Haliburton Lake Cottagers Association

Supervising Faculty

Brendan Hickie, Lindsay Bevan


April 2022

Location of Document



Haliburton Lake


Environmental Studies


This project contributes to the Woodlands and Waterways Ecowatch program, which is overseen by U-Links. The goal of this program is to monitor and gather data on the health of forest and aquatic ecosystems within the Haliburton region. This data will then be used to aid in the planning and management of these ecosystems, to ensure they are in good health for future generations. The purpose of the Haliburton Lake benthic assessment is to gather data on the baseline composition of the benthic communities found within the lake to determine the health of the ecosystem. This is the third year this project has been conducted, so previous years data will be compared to the current findings to identify trends within the benthic communities present. This will help to determine the current state of the lake and aid in developing future management strategies.



Andrew Bunn, Haliburton Lake Benthic Assessment, April 2022