Planning for Palliative Care Supports in Haliburton County


Planning for Palliative Care Supports in Haliburton County


Brenneman, Becky

Host Organization

Haliburton Highlands Health Services
Host contact: Loucks, Foster
SIRCH Community Services
Palliative and Bereavement Care Coalition
Host contact: Gena Robertson

Supervising Faculty

Marsh, John
Department: Geography

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U-Links Office and online


Haliburton County


Planning for palliative care supports


The aim of this research is to provide the Palliative and Bereavement Care Coalition with information regarding death and dying in order to assist in identifying current gaps in care supports as well as planning for care of Haliburton County's aging population.

This information was collected through three methods. Data was gathered from the Haliburton hospital and Access Centre databases. The third portion of the research was collected through surveying funeral directors and doctors in Haliburton County.

The findings indicated that a large portion of deaths were cancer related with the number one cause of death being lung cancer. The surveys from funeral directors and doctors revealed that there were an increasing number of residents choosing to die at home rather than in a facility.

If Haliburton were planning to position themselves as a retirement community, then a closer look into the migration habits of the region would be helpful in planning for future development. The results of this report point to a need for palliative care focused on cancer treatment and a need for increasing home services and support for residents who choose to die at home.


Trent University



Brenneman, Becky, Planning for Palliative Care Supports in Haliburton County, Trent University, 2002