TP-4743 Draft Final Report: Interactive Learning Activities for the Water Heroes Website


TP-4743 Draft Final Report: Interactive Learning Activities for the Water Heroes Website


Chantal Ubbels
Kassandra Merks
Sunaina Aiyer


HMKCWF proposed the remodel of the current Water Heroes website to develop a more fun and interactive way for people of all ages to gain additional water-based knowledge. The current Water Heroes website ( was designed as a way to participate in the Big Splash Contest to encourage children to continue learning after the Haliburton-Muskoka-Kawartha Children's Water Festival (HMKCWF).
Currently, the HMKCWF is held once every year in Haliburton county, based off of the Friends of Ecological and Environmental Learning (FEEL) mandate to further public education and understandings of Ontario's ecosystems. The HMKCWF is a free event that provides thousands of students across the Trillium Lakelands District School Board the chance to further their water knowledge through interactive activities. The Water Heroes website has become a tool for these students to further their knowledge learnt at the HMKCWF and additionally participate in the Big Splash contest.
Our job has been to remodel the website to provide an entertaining environment, through the use of fun learning activities and tools conducive to a positive learning environment for both children (grades 2-8) and parents/ teachers. As well as to consider different learning styles and abilities as each person has individual needs. The goal of this remodel was to develop content that would further additional use of the current website and to make relevant information more available to all age ranges. As well as to increase the amount of time children and their families spend on the website to increase the amount of water knowledge they have through a wide array of topics.
In order to properly implement changes to the website, it was important to identify what gaps are currently on the website. Therefore, a gap analysis was conducted to produce an evaluation of the website and identified gaps in:
● Knowledge
● Topics of interest
● Regularity: Including consistency in titles
● Presented Links
● Overall layout
● Etc.
The aim of this gap analysis was to see what improvements and data needed to be fixed throughout the duration of the project and help guide us in the direction of what types of ideas to implement for the future Water Heroes website.
Furthermore, the development of activities was critical in the remodel of this website, to incorporate more fun and interactive activities. The gap analysis was used as a tool to help guide the creation of these activities. Newly created activities include:
● Water-based games: Including links to other websites
● Quizzes
● Comics
● Colouring pages
● Etc.
Through the implementation of these activities, we expect user frequency to increase and user frustration to subside. The overall aim these implementations is to better educate website users in a way which is both fun and interactive through a wide array of water-based
Final Report: Interactive Learning Activities for the Water Heroes Website
topics. The website has been implemented to create a space for effective and interactive learning to strengthen users water-based knowledge, which is our hope through the implementation of our proposed ideas.
While there has been a lot of work done throughout this report there is also an opportunity for much more. Therefore, we propose the implementation of a program which brings together information from the HMKCWF and the Water Heroes website which could include: classroom visits, field trips, grow/raise and release programs for riparian vegetation or wildlife species. This program would allow students the chance to apply learnt knowledge into real life situation in hopes of creating more stewards of the environment.




Chantal Ubbels
Kassandra Merks
Sunaina Aiyer, TP-4743 Draft Final Report: Interactive Learning Activities for the Water Heroes Website