TP_4865 Surveying and Monitoring Tools for the HHLT


TP_4865 Surveying and Monitoring Tools for the HHLT


Abbey Krajc, Alison Gordon, Keeva Fitzpatrick


This report will provide information and guidance to the Haliburton Highlands Land Trust (HHLT) on determining which surveying tools are most suitable for long-term monitoring of biodiversity within the 5 listed nature reserves.
The following will be identified for each nature reserve:
◊ Background
◊ Ecology
◊ Significant Identified Species
◊ Species at Risk
◊ Identified Eco-sites:
◊ Bio-indicators
◊ Surveying & Monitoring Tools
◊ Resources
The report will identify the eco-site per nature reserve and prompt you to a page number with the surveying tools needed to implement long-term monitoring of those eco-sites. This will include bio-indicators, suggested tools, and resources available for the HHLT to access and research.

Local Partnerships with the HHLT include:
◊ Kennisis Lake Cottage Owners Association (KLCOA)
◊ Environment Haliburton! (EH!)
◊ Sir Sandford Fleming
◊ Haliburton County Development Corporation (HCDC)
◊ U-links, Abbey Gardens
◊ Trent University, Natures Places (Minden)
◊ Haliburton County Library
This report will aid in fulfilling the following goals as stated by the HHLT:
◊ Understand the range of possibilities for surveying and monitoring natural areas
and the extent of such experiences in Ontario
◊ Identify the information available and needed to design surveys and monitoring
programs using permanent sample plots for Ontario natural areas
◊ Explore options for a long-term partnership between Trent



Abbey Krajc, Alison Gordon, Keeva Fitzpatrick, TP_4865 Surveying and Monitoring Tools for the HHLT