Windy Pine Shoreline Restoration Proposal


Windy Pine Shoreline Restoration Proposal


Natalie Chesla, Jeff Turcotte, Spencer Yeo

Host Organization

Windy Pine Conference Centre

Supervising Faculty

Tom Whillans

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Algonquin Highlands


The Windy Pine Conference Centre is a 25-acre property located on Kushog Lake, north of Minden in the County of Haliburton. The Conference Centre was developed prior to new shoreline ordinances which require a 30m setback on lake-side properties. The combination of near shore development, variable water-levels on Kushog Lake, and naturally thin soils along the rocky shoreline have enabled areas of concerning erosion along the 300m natural shoreline of the Windy Pine Property (Trent University, n.d.). Other possible causes of shoreline erosion may include wave washing and ice movement (MNRF et al , 2011). A previous shoreline inventory was conducted in 2014 through the “Love Your Lake” program. This project would expand on the previous inventory and provide additional recommendations regarding how to best address the problem areas on the site. This report will give final recommendations on the course of action best suited for the shoreline at the Windy Pine Conference Centre.



Natalie Chesla, Jeff Turcotte, Spencer Yeo, Windy Pine Shoreline Restoration Proposal, 2019