Age-Friendly in Haliburton County


Age-Friendly in Haliburton County


Fletcher, Amanda; Hunt, Bethany

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Aging Well Committee
Host contact: Reid, Heather

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Boue, Michelle; MacLeod, Ann
Departments: Mathematics and Nursing

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U-Links Office and online


Haliburton County


Summary of the Aging Well Surveys in Haliburton County


The Healthy, Active Communities roundtable (2008) developed the following definition of a healthy, active community as a place where there are opportunities and places for people of all ages and abilities to be physically active. It is a healthy place to live, visit, work, learn and play. Based on this definition, seniors in Haliburton County were surveyed about their satisfactions with: outdoor spaces & public buildings, transportation, housing, civic participation & employment, social participation, communication & information, community support & health services, and finally, respect & social inclusion. There is a general satisfaction of the current social and physical environment for seniors in Haliburton County. Over 60% of respondents feel there is a general awareness of the needs of seniors in the County and over 85% feel valued at least most of the time as a senior resident. However, some of the top concerns that were cited for seniors are the seating and shelter in parks, snow removal of sidewalks, the cost and scheduling of community social events and the high cost of attending such events. It is apparent that a community centre would be a beneficial addition to the County. Overall, the majority of residents feel that Haliburton County has become an age-friendly community that encourages and promotes healthy, active and positive aging.


Trent University



Fletcher, Amanda; Hunt, Bethany, Age-Friendly in Haliburton County, Trent University, 2010