Building Green in Haliburton County: Perceptions of Sustainable Housing


Building Green in Haliburton County: Perceptions of Sustainable Housing


Vander Klok, Jordan

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Environment Haliburton
Host contact: Morris, Malcolm

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Skinner, Mark
Department: Geography

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Haliburton County


Sustainable housing options and perceptions


This report looks at the options available for sustainable housing building and renovation projects in Haliburton County, Ontario and residents' perceptions of sustainable housing. The project is based around answering three research questions in reference to Haliburton County. They are 1) What are the options for sustainable housing, 2) How do residents perceive sustainable housing, and 3) What are the similarities and differences between the perceptions of different resident groups.

Data was gathered by reviewing literature on rural geography , sustainable communities and environmentally friendly building. Results determined that there are many environmentally friendly materials for housing construction and renovation, including some locally available options within Haliburton County. This data led to the creation of handbook which will act a reference guide to community members and will be distributed through the local organization Environment Haliburton.

Survey responses were compared between income groups and between permanent and seasonal residents. These comparisons revealed that regardless of income or resident status, cost is the most prevalent deciding factor in residents' choice of whether or not to use environmentally friendly material or alternative energy sources in a construction or renovation project. These include durability and longevity, affordability and environmental impact. Survey responses also expressed concern over the lack of available information about sustainable building options. This revealed a gap in research which the handbook will aid in filling.


Trent University



Vander Klok, Jordan, Building Green in Haliburton County: Perceptions of Sustainable Housing, Trent University, 2008