HANDBOOK: Building Green in Haliburton County


HANDBOOK: Building Green in Haliburton County


Vander Klok, Jordan

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Environment Haliburton
Host contact: Morris, Malcolm

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Skinner, Mark
Department: Geography

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Haliburton County


Green housing options


Explores a variety of green options for housing renovation and construction projects in Haliburton County, using environmentally friendly materials from local sources and alternative sources of energy. This reduces stress on the environment, energy costs, and building costs.


This resource accompanies the report "Building Green in Haliburton County: Perceptions of Sustainable Housing." 

This handbook is an opportunity for you to explore a variety of ‘green’ options for housing renovation and construction projects in Haliburton County. Using environmentally friendly materials, or ‘green building’ as it is commonly known, is a growing practice worldwide.

Haliburton County is the setting of the Sustainable Building Design and Construction program at Sir Sanford Fleming College, and so the area has the unique opportunity of having some buildings, built using alternative and environmentally friendly materials, open to the public. There are many advantages to using these materials when doing your next construction and renovation project. By using materials from a local source and alternative sources of energy, you can lighten your load on the environment. By improving the energy efficiency of your home, you can reduce your heating bills and lighten the load on your pocketbook. I hope that you find this handbook useful and informative.


Trent University



Vander Klok, Jordan, HANDBOOK: Building Green in Haliburton County, Trent University, 2008