Camping in Minden Hills - Is it Feasible?


Camping in Minden Hills - Is it Feasible?


Katelyn Allen, Justin Souch, Rebecca Attwood

Host Organization

Township of Minden Hills

Supervising Faculty

Mark Skinner, Geography



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Minden Hills


Economic feasibility of managed campgrounds


This research project examined the definitions of various areas of geography which were core related to the development and implementation of managed campsites throughout the Township of Minden Hills and the broader County of Haliburton. Human, recreational, rural, cultural and regional geography were examined with regards to the spaces, places, landscapes and relationships the community of Minden Hills had with the four parks in question of becoming managed campgrounds; Minden Fairgrounds, Rotary Park, Snowdon Park, and Furnace Falls. This research represents a viable option of developing managed campsites within the Township of Minden Hills. The purpose of this project was to determine the feasibility of said campsite development, where geographical research that utilizes literature on five core areas of geography was discussed in detail. The methodology of this project was telephone surveys, numerous property explorations, and countless hours spent reviewing the analysis of our data. The project concluded that two of the four sites, Minden Fairgrounds and Furnace Falls are viable to be developed into managed campsites. The information gained from key stakeholders provides an outline of the feasibility of developing campsites which is to be taken on by the host organization.


Trent University

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Katelyn Allen, Justin Souch, Rebecca Attwood, Camping in Minden Hills - Is it Feasible?, Trent University, 2011