Geese on the Gull River: Minden


Geese on the Gull River: Minden


Drapeau, Jacelyne

Host Organization

Township of Minden Hills
Host contact: Cox, Rick

Supervising Faculty

Sager, Eric
Department: Environmental and Resource Science/Studies

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U-Links Office and online




Managing geese in urban/suburban areas


A study in management options for problem geese in an urban setting.


The following paper looks into methods to manage geese populations in urbansuburban areas. Geese are a large problem as their feces covers pathways and pollutes rivers and lakes. There are three main ways to deal with them; reduce their numbers to a manageable level, set up barriers to prevent their access to pathways or harass them until they leave.

This paper is aimed at dealing with the geese on the Gull River and Minden’s situation. Planting along the shoreline, oiling the eggs and increased hunting are the three most effective methods of dealing with Canada Geese but they are expensive. There is too much shoreline for planting to be immediately feasibly though it would solve erosion problems as well, hunting can only be done outside of city limits and is mediated by the government, oiling the eggs must be timed well and requires a lengthy permit process. Some of the less effective methods can be used in conjunction with each other to wield desired results. For instance having a trained dog as well as a low wire fence. Doing nothing will result in the continued growth and expansion of Canada Geese populations.


Trent University



Drapeau, Jacelyne, Geese on the Gull River: Minden, Trent University, 2008