Minden's Main Street 1860-1920


Minden's Main Street 1860-1920


L'Italien, Andre

Host Organization

Minden County Town Museum

Supervising Faculty

John Wadland and Tom Whillans, Canadian Studies/Environmental and Resource Studies

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Minden Hills


During the late 19th century, Minden's main street had enough diverse shops to satisfy the needs of any consumer, a trait that still exists today. This project explores the values embedded in the history of main street Minden so that they can be applied to the present day in order to maintain the character of the street and the bond between people and community. The purpose of this project, proposed by the County Town Museum, was to provide the museum with a chronological catalogue of the owners and businesses on Minden's main street between 1860 and 1920.

Not much research has been done on Main Street in this time period, which by many accounts has been regarded as Minden's heyday. The small business district along Main Street occupies the length of approximately one city block and is bordered by natural features at each end. It is a primary place of business and therefore, acts as the town's central meeting place. This is a good way to establish a connection to a particular place and build communities; at the same time our needs are met without placing an unnecessarily heavy burden on the land.





L'Italien, Andre, Minden's Main Street 1860-1920, U-Links, 2002