Social Impacts of the Proposed Haliburton/Stanhope Airport Expansion


Social Impacts of the Proposed Haliburton/Stanhope Airport Expansion


Charles Torzsak

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Maple and Beech Lake Property Owners' Association
Host contact: MacInnes, Paul

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Tufts, Steven
Department: Geography

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Social impact of rural airport expansion


Design and implement a survey to assess the potential social impact of a proposed rural airport expansion. Collect qualitative information regarding residents' perspectives about the expansion as they relate to the rural character of the area.


The development of municipal infrastructure in any area has the potential to alter the character of the community. The social impact from development can be both favourable and unfavourable to the local residents. This study of the possible social impacts of an expansion to the Haliburton/Stanhope Airport in 2006, was mainly generated by residents surrounding the airport. The proposed expansion has produced mixed feelings from the local community. However, the majority of local residents feel the potential negative attributes out way the positive benefits.

While an expansion may bring positive benefits to the greater area, the local community may suffer from such impacts as noise and air pollution. The anticipation of further development and traffic in the years following expansion may lead to further social uncertainty and eventually lower the quality of life. The majority of residents have an attachment to the rural characteristics for relaxation and recreational proposes; therefore, their perceived impacts of the airport expansion seem to be less favourable. The effects of an expansion throughout the study area vary according to both demographic characteristics and their perceived lifestyle. However, no significant patterns emerged from the research.

This preliminary assessment does not address the longer term impact of an airport expansion. If an expansion is approved, dissatisfaction among residents may cause further land use conflicts and unforeseen effects. Further development and disruption of the peaceful rural characteristics may affect resident’s decision to remain within the community. The study indicates that an airport expansion in the local community is of high concern among local residents.





Charles Torzsak, Social Impacts of the Proposed Haliburton/Stanhope Airport Expansion, U-links, 2006