Tourism in Haliburton County


Tourism in Haliburton County


Irvine, Seanna

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Wadland, John; Whillans, TomĀ 
Departments: Canadian Studies and Environmental Studies

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Haliburton County, Muskoka


Tourism in Haliburton County


Examines the role tourism has played in Haliburton County from early settlement to the present, within the context of bioregionalism.


Recognizing that there has been a growth in demand for Haliburton as a popular tourist area and that this results in some positive economic implications as well as posing some environmental, social, and economic problems, the author suggests that there is a need for proactive management strategies to cope with such growth. The vision of a bioregional analysis of the relationship between tourism and the geography of the area is put forth as the most desirable way to manage this complex issue.

Such expansion in tourism took place at an earlier date in Muskoka, and by comparing the development of tourism in Muskoka with that of Haliburton, the paper presents similarities in expansion and points out some of the environmental pitfalls that might be avoided with careful management. Community efforts are underway to promote Haliburton as a year-round spot to visit and this would help reduce the negative impacts of seasonal economies. Constraints on tourism and land use conflicts with respect to cottagers as well as environmental concerns are studied. The paper concludes with a look at tourism potential in upcoming years.


Trent University



Irvine, Seanna, Tourism in Haliburton County, Trent University, 1990