Off-Road Network: Market Survey


Off-Road Network: Market Survey


Stefanie Fraser and Kate Brillinger

Host Organization

Ontario Federation of Trail Riders, Ken Hoeverman

Supervising Faculty

Heather Nicol, Geography

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Location of Document



Haliburton Highlands East


Recreation & Tourism


The purpose of this research project was to ascertain and better understand the needs and desires of recreational off-highway vehicle users in regards to the potential development of an off-highway vehicle network in Haliburton Highlands East, Ontario. Through the creation of a market survey, distributed through the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders to its members and other off-highway vehicle enthusiasts and clubs, this research identified details encompassing the basic demographics of the enthusiast population including: age, gender, and location. The survey also sought to determine the riding abilities, travel habits and preferences of individuals regarding trail design, desired surrounding amenities and possible price points should the proposed pay-per-use off-highway vehicle park be constructed in Haliburton Highlands East. Two interviews with enthusiasts from the Motorcycle and Moped Industry Council/Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council (MMIC/COHVC) as well as the leading motocross race magazine MXP Magazine were conducted in order to determine the perspective of off-highway vehicle networks from professionals in the field. Our research suggests that there is a strong potential market of off-highway vehicle users and that there is the demand for an integrated trail system in Ontario, Canada.



Stefanie Fraser and Kate Brillinger, Off-Road Network: Market Survey, 2012