Loon Habitat and Mortality Study


Loon Habitat and Mortality Study


Kate Brown and Vandeven Saberton

Host Organization

Bob Lake Association, Brenda Brouwers

Supervising Faculty

Tom Whillans, Environmental Studies and Science

Reference Number



April 2023

Location of Document



Haliburton County


This study focuses on the declining population of loon chicks in Bob and Little Bob Lake, located in Haliburton County, Ontario. Despite the presence of breeding pairs, residents have observed a significant decrease in the number of loon chicks over the past few years, raising concerns about potential underlying issues. To address this, several suggestions for future actions are proposed within this report. Raising awareness about the decline in the loon population is crucial, and educational efforts targeting residents can inspire them to take actions to mitigate threats such as litter or boat wake. Implementing signage in vulnerable areas, similar to successful initiatives on Miskwabi Lake, can contribute to protecting the loons. By implementing these suggested measures, it is hoped that the declining population of loon chicks in Bob and Little Bob Lake can be addressed and reversed, ensuring the long-term conservation of these iconic bird species.


Trent University



Kate Brown and Vandeven Saberton, Loon Habitat and Mortality Study, Trent University, April 2023