Koshlong Lake Benthic Assessment - 2022


Koshlong Lake Benthic Assessment - 2022


Skye Vasey

Host Organization

Koshlong Lake Association

Supervising Faculty

Brendan Hickie

Reference Number



April, 2023

Location of Document



Haliburton County, Koshlong Lake


Benthic biomonitoring


The Ontario Benthic Biomonitoring Network (OBBN) employs an effects-based approach using macroinvertebrate-based sampling to assess ecosystem health. This study utilizes benthic macroinvertebrates as bioindicators to understand the ecosystem health of Koshlong Lake in Ontario. The OBBN protocol categorizes macroinvertebrates into 27 groups based on taxonomic classification, providing a comprehensive understanding of the benthic community. Water chemistry analysis and examination of macroinvertebrate diversity and abundance calculations are also included, with the results being contrasted against proportions of sensitive taxa and their correlated "typical" ranges for the region. The presence of the invasive Spiny Waterflea is noted but not extensively studied in this project. Furthermore, diversity index values align with observations from other lakes in the region, indicating a healthy ecosystem. However, additional data collected over at least five years is necessary to establish long-term trends and determine if the observed values represent typical conditions for Koshlong Lake. Collaborating with the Koshlong Lake Association, this study provides valuable insights into the stressors and overall health of the lake ecosystem.



Skye Vasey April, 2023, Koshlong Lake Benthic Assessment - 2022