In Search of a Better Buy: Wildfoods and Herbal Remedies


In Search of a Better Buy: Wildfoods and Herbal Remedies


Haley, Tim

Supervising Faculty

Wadland, John; Whillans, Tom
Departments: Canadian Studies and Environmental Studies

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U-Links Office and online


Haliburton County


Catalogue, descriptions, and uses of edible plants


A main component of the theory of bioregionalism is that its strength and function ability begin with the individual commitment of the people in a given community. The paper puts forth the idea that foraging can make a valuable contribution to the development of a local bioregion as it helps develop individual values and skills which permit the participant to put into practice some of the aspects of the theory.

Drawing from a number of sources, the paper is a catalogue of edible plants organized first by general tree type or habitat. For each plant noted, common and scientific botanical names are given as well as distinguishing characteristics, habitat appearance, blooming period, and season to harvest. Information concerning preparation for medicinal and food purposes is included and notes of interest complete each record. Hand-drawn illustrations accompany the text and all information is cross-referenced in an index.


Trent University



Haley, Tim, In Search of a Better Buy: Wildfoods and Herbal Remedies, Trent University, n.d.