Bob Lake Benthic Assessment - 2022


Bob Lake Benthic Assessment - 2022


Julie Prentice, Carrie McDonald, Avery Scott

Host Organization

Bob Lake Association, Jim Hyland

Supervising Faculty

Tom Whillans

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April 2023

Location of Document



Haliburton County, Bob Lake


Benthic biomonitoring


Bob Lake is an inland lake located in Minden, Ontario, that is home to the Bob Lake
Association. We completed a benthic macroinvertebrate assessment of the lake
following Ontario Benthic Biomonitoring Network (OBBN) protocol using samples
collected in the fall of 2022. The goal of this assessment is to contribute to a 5-year
study establishing the baseline conditions of Bob Lake and the benthic invertebrate
communities that inhabit it. Only one year has been completed prior to the submission
of this report, which accounts for the second year. The results of this research will
contribute to lake monitoring data and advise the Bob Lake Association on future lake
management decisions. Using the random teaspoon sampling method, we identified
100 invertebrates from each replicate of the three sites sampled. We then evaluated the
results of each site using several indices of species diversity and richness. Our
evaluation shows that the lake conditions are within a normal range for the Haliburton
area, but the remaining three years of this study must be completed to effectively
confirm these results.


Trent University



Julie Prentice, Carrie McDonald, Avery Scott 2023, Bob Lake Benthic Assessment - 2022, Trent University